Moncler is the continuation of " luxury montage " type of brand style
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Moncler is headquartered in Grenoble, France, specializes in the production of outdoor sports equipment brand names. Moncler brand name comes from the abbreviation of Monestier de Clermon town. Mengke Lai the story begins during World War II, the brand has a legendary history, to date, Mengke Lai Down in the outdoor industry and become the leading international top brands.

Moncler jackets brand Logo is M letter and a rooster combination. Moncler Outlet Brand following points : MonclerGamme Rouge and Moncler Gamme Bleu show two brands, Moncler GammeRouge show that women's brands, creative director for the Giambattista Valli, held at the Paris Fashion Week show ; MonclerGamme Bleu is a menswear show brand, held in Milan menswear week show.

Mengke Lai the story begins during World War II. France was occupied by Germany and in two, in free areas, recruitment team was abolished and replaced by a system of universal participation, this system requires the young man must join a group called "Chantiers de Jeunesse" organization. Those organizations like the special status of the people, called Jeunesse et Montagne, its headquarters is located in Grenoble. Organization's main work is done by a group of former Air Force official and alpine areas taught by the young people for those interested in fame and responsibility of staff and operational, of course, in love for the mountains. Group of boys have the opportunity to participate in all the mountain sports, and has close ties with nature. At that time this group has become involved in a boys dream.

JM passed from the three Moncler's meeting : Rene Ramillom, Andre Vincent and Lionel Terray. 33 -year-old Remillon Grenoble was an important manufacturer of snow. His military service, providing the group equipment. 26 -year-old businessman Andre Vincent in the management of a printing plant before the war. He used to be a guardian of the mountains and ski instructor. In JM, he was the head coach. 22 -year-old Lionel Terray Grenoble, one of the best from the family. He was the Alpine ski champion. The three men respect each other, have the same love for nature, outdoor living and skiing in forged a profound friendship.

Sports clothing for the biggest impact fashion circle finally realized. From the traditional fixed -oriented sporting goods, clothing make such a campaign not just stop at special occasions, you can wear in daily life. With the help of the pepper industry, with the continuous mode of operation is certainly, from outdoor sports apparel since 1994 the door is opened, they are increasingly being worn on more occasions. From 94 to 98 years Moncler Coats become the European region and the world 's most famous retailers, only in Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or exercise those boutiques boutiques where to buy Moncler famous things. But what really makes the brand or to re- count in 1998 under the pepper industry last FinPart Group initiatives.

Continuation of the previous strategic restructuring plan, in support of head office FinPart Moncler to develop more product lines, give full play to the potential value of the brand. The TV ads that appear born in the mountains, living in the big city 's image has become a classic. Moncler's padded jacket as the cold season, when skiing or in the elegant occasions recognized the must-have item.

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